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WINNTEC from SIP 24 Ton Air Service Jack(-9890)

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The WINNTEC from SIP 24 Ton Air Service Jack is a rugged jack that ascends and descends safely using air which, combined with chromed pistons and ram, offers reliable lifting for large vehicles. • 24 Ton maximum weight capacity • 141mm to 441mm lifting height range • 3 extensions; 20mm, 50mm, and 100mm • 1-stage…

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ITEM NO. 09890
Weight Capacity: 24 Ton
Lifting Stages: 1 stage
Min. Lifting Height: 141mm
Max. Lifting Height: 441mm
Supplied Extensions: 1x 100mm, 1x 50mm, 1x 20mm
Screw Extension: 85mm
Handle Length: 1240mm
Jack Length: 525mm
Jack Width: 265mm
Base Height: 215mm

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Weight 34.2 kg

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