Torque Wrench Plus 3/8 inch dr 100Nm

221.87 inc. VAT

Click type mechanism to signal when the required torque is reached
Simple to adjust and easy to read Nm scale
Locking button to ensure the set torque is securely maintained
Compact head for easier use in confined spaces
Quick release 72 teeth ratchet mechanism with twist reverse (DIN3122)
Designed to torque right hand (clockwise) fasteners
Ergonomic bi-material grip for added comfort
Marked to show the correct place where pressure should be applied
Hanging facility which can be used together with a fall protection wire
Accurate to +/- 4% and conforms to ISO6789 for assured accuracy
Each torque wrench has it’s own individual certification number
Supplied in a handy storage case

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Weight 1.705 kg