M18 FUEL 18 GS finish nailer M18 FN18GS-202X

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Excellent power to consistently seat nails sub-flush to the surface in hardwoods Ready to Fire Nail Technology eliminates ramp-up time between each nail discharge No gas cartridges and no cleaning required, designed to deliver durability and reliability to the most demanding users with very little maintenance Smaller nail hole, the exact size of the nail head leaving a neater finish Different shaped noses stored on board allows the user to get the best finish no matter what the application Small work contact bracket allows the user to fire and sink nails at a more acute angle Tool-free, quick and easy depth adjustment to assure nails are driven sub-flush Dry-Fire lockout stops the tool being fired when there are no nails left in the magazine Fires up to 1200 nails per charge on a REDLITHIUM 2.0 Ah battery pack for maximum productivity Quick access and easy clearing of jams LED work light illuminates the work surface for better placement of nails Flexible battery system: works with all MILWAUKEEÆ M18 batteries

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Weight 1 kg