M12 green cross line laser with plumb points M12 CLLP-0C

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M12 green cross line laser with plumb points provides an all-in-one functionality with horizontal levelling, vertical alignment and plumb point transfer from floor to ceiling Built with high intensity green diodes to provide maximised visibility – up to 4x better visibility vs red lasers High intensity green beams provide a working range of 38 m and up to 100 m with a detector Provides all-day run time of 15+ hours with an M12 B3 battery pack 3 mode pendulum system: Manual Mode for use at any angle, Self-Levelling Mode that indicates out-of-level condition with a 4∞ self-levelling range and Pendulum Lock Mode to protect components during transport Integrated magnetic bracket with rear mounted amplified rare earth magnets, º? and ?? tripod thread and hang hole – allows attachment to steel stud, wooden stud and tripod The bracket also provides the laser 360∞ rotation that pivots on plumb point, with an integrated mico control knob for faster point to point alignment Robust over-moulded construction with an IP 54 rating, the laser is water/debris resistant and can withstand up to 1 m drops Flexible battery system: works with all MILWAUKEEÆ M12batteries Includes 1x high visibility target plate and 1x track clip

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