M12 green 360∞ 3 plane laser M12 3PL-401C

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M12 green 360∞ 3 plane laser provides an all-in-one functionality with one horizontal line and two vertical lines for fast and easy alignment, leveling, squaring, and transfers allowing you to easily layout large spaces with one tool Built with high intensity green diodes to provide maximised visibility – up to 4x better visibility vs red lasers High intensity green beams provide a working range of 38 m and up to 100 m with a detector Provides all-day run time of 15+ hours with an M12 B4 battery pack 3 mode pendulum system: Manual Mode for use at any angle, Self-Levelling Mode that indicates out-of-level condition with a 4∞ self-levelling range and Pendulum Lock Mode to protect components during transport Integrated magnetic bracket with rear mounted amplified rare earth magnets, º? and ?? tripod thread and hang hole – allows attachment to steel stud, wooden stud and tripod The bracket also provides the laser 330∞ rotation that pivots on plumb point, with an integrated micro control knob for faster point to point alignment Robust over-moulded construction with an IP 54 rating, the laser is water/ debris resistant and can withstand up to 1 m drops Flexible battery system: works with all MILWAUKEEÆ M12batteries

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