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Jump Leads, Boosters And Accessories

Jump Leads, Boosters And Accessories
Extremely powerful and effective car jump starter and battery booster equipment and accessories. Shop online today with Nationwide delivery across Ireland.
Brand: Bahco Model: BBL12-400
Weighing only 900 grams and is about 75% lighter than a traditional lead-acid batteryDisplay with scroll function showing step by step instructionsProtected against polarity, arcing and voltage (<15V), short circuit, overcharge, overcurrent, overcharging and overheatingContents:5V / 2A USB port f..
Ex Tax:203.25€
Brand: Bahco Model: BBA12-1200
To start diesel engines up to 350 HP as start assistance and 175 HP without batteryImmediately powerful: 1.200 CA35 mm 2 copper area in cables ensures high conductivityInternal fuse 500 AElectronic fuse check systemCable length: 1,85 m4 AAutomatic electronic charger with 3 colour LED indicator5 h ch..
Ex Tax:350.00€
Brand: Bahco Model: BBCE24-10
10 amps/ 24V Fully Automatic charger/maintainer Microprocessor controlledApplication: Commercial vehicles, Buses, Agriculturale vehicles, Trucks...This charger uses Microprocessor Controlled Technology "Connect and Forget" with multi-charge charging for added precision, safety and battery life:Multi..
Ex Tax:161.79€
Brand: Bahco Model: BBH12-1200
This 12V Booster is powered by internal capacitors and in addition it is also equipped with a backup lithium battery that provides energy to the capacitors in case the battery runs completely flatIt has 5 capacitors of 750 Farad and each are extremely efficient at delivering lots of energy at high c..
Ex Tax:357.72€
Brand: Bahco Model: BBA1224-3200
PRODUCT DETAILS3200 cranking amps at 12V and 1600 cranking amps at 24V, heavy duty boosterPowered by two lead-acid AGM spiral batteries with pure lead plates, extremely effective in delivering high power at high cranking amperage almost instantaneouslyExtremely powerfulCranking amps: 12V: 3200A / 24..
Ex Tax:1,450.00€
Brand: Bahco Model: BBCE12-3
REF: BBCE12-33 amps fully Automatic 12V charger/maintainerMicroprocessor Controlled Technology “Connect and Forget” with multi-charge chargingScrolling Digital Display providing instructions for charging the batteryFor lead-acid and lithium-ion LIFEP04 4 cells batteryBattery charging range 12V: 6-58..
Ex Tax:65.04€
Brand: Bahco Model: BBA1224-1700
To start diesel engines up to 480 HP without battery at 12 V and up to impressive 1.500 HP diesel engines without battery at 24 VImmediately powerful: at 12 V: 1700 CA, at 24 V: 900 CAQuick voltage selector50 mm 2 copper area in cables ensures high conductivityInternal fuse 500 AElectronic fuse chec..
Ex Tax:675.00€
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